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Default Phone Book Mulch?

Since I don't have a steady supply of newspaper and it's that time of year when some new phone books come out, I was wondering if shredding the pages from the old books would work just as well as newspaper?
I checked one out and they mentioned that they are printed with soy ink and they encourage recycling, but really, I don't want to haul my old phone book to a drop off point...
So, has anyone used phone books for mulch? Think the yellow pages will work too?
On a side note, can I layer the 'paper' and then top with a compost/manure mixture? The other way around or neither?
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When CDs first came out many years ago, I bought a CD which has all the telephone directories of the entire country, yellow and white pages, on it.

I bought it because the ad says,"If you buy this CD, you will be saving 400 trees"


I have used phone books to mulch. I cut the phone books into pieces using the table saw. otherwise takes too much time to tear them apart.

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Originally Posted by dcarch View Post
I cut the phone books into pieces using the table saw. the horror of any of my former shop teachers
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if you local area has a thrifty nickel they give area the old newspapers when the new ones come out every week. I will look in to it for next year. I will bring a paper shredder to work to take care of them.
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