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Ken B
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Default Mountaineer Delight and Mountaineer Pride


For anyone looking at the new 2019 Southern Exposure Seed Exchange catalog -- now that we've printed over 100,000 of them, and they're getting to people's houses -- I just realized that the descriptions for Mountaineer Delight tomato and Mountaineer Pride tomato got mixed up...

These are new varieties bred by West Virginia U. folks using West Virginia 63 tomato -- here's a good article about --

Here's links to the *corrected* SESE website listings -- (We're still updating the website for 2019 varieties, so as of the time of this post, we haven't uploaded the photos for new varieties yet.)

Basically, Mountaineer Delight is the larger/sweeter/more tender, Mountaineer Pride is the smaller/firmer.

My fault, gaah, we'll try to put a sticker noting the error in any new catalogs we mail out from the office...

Ugh. This has got to be my worst error in 14 years of working on the catalog.
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Fred Hempel
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If that is your worst mistake...

My hat's off to you!
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Ken B
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: central Virginia
Posts: 243

Usually my bad mistakes are things like catalog # typos... in this case, we're the first catalog to list these commercially, and I screwed up the descriptions, so that's putting out bad information that's gonna confuse a lot of people for years, ack.

For anyone who places a mail order for these (and so might not see the corrected website descriptions), we'll go ahead and send them a free packet of the other variety if they only order one of them, and include a note about the error.

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I'm inclined to agree with Fred. Fourteen years is a long time, and there are lots of reasons for confusion - - similar variety names, non-specific variety name, and poorly translated variety names are all common ones. In this case the plant breeders named both varieties to honor a school mascot. And compounded the problem by giving them non-descriptive or overly generic names. Remembering which is Pride and which is Delight will probably require people to call them Mountaineer Sweet Delight and Mountaineer Firm Pride or something similar. (Half of us are probably not even going to make the distinction between Mountaineer and Mountain.)

The names were bad before you confused them.

As for long term confusion, no one is likely to copy the description from a printed catalog. Cut and Paste works so much better from a web page. :=). And gardeners look at the seed package to see what we're growing. If you haven't put the wrong label on the seeds you haven't sinned against the horticultural community. Especially since you caught your error and admitted it before it became an issue for anyone.

Enjoy the holidays and relax.

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Moderator Emeritus
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Yes, I did receive the SESE catalog but haven't even had the time to look at all of it.I did check the hot pepper section and found that two hot peppers I had sent to SESE manyyears agowere no longer listed. I think the reason why was noted.

Besides that someone else has to grow out my tomatoes now and I get seeds and in the past gave seeds to a local person for some seeds I already had in return for his raising my seedlings for me.

This past Spring I contacted him about that and he said he would drive up here and do the exchange. But what happened is I was sent an EM with a picture that showed him at his wedding married to Anastasia who is from Siberia.

He never showed up so I ended up having someone buy some and plant 10 Bonnie plants for me. I bought extras just in case,didn't need them so gave the extras to David,one of my USPS delivery persons and if it weren't for David I wouldn't have had ANY tomatoes.

And that since the person who was supposed to take care of MY Bonnie plants didn't do it.

Can you believe it. The person I'd always relied on to raise my seedlings for me thought his wedding was more important than my seedlings.

So MY Bonnie plants developed severe foliage diseases and died with agonizing cries I could hear coming from my bathroom screened window.

As is oft said....that's all she wrote, she being ME.

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Oooops! I'd be so mad at you... no, no I wouldn't
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I was thinking the same as what Fred said; and your solution is a good one - anyone would be tickled to get another seed packet
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