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Old February 18, 2020   #1
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Location: Augusta area, Georgia, 8a/7b
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Default Rain, Rain, Go Away

After just a few days of drying out, it's rain today through Thursday. The purported heat tolerance of the Wando peas will be tested this year as they're going to get sown probably the latest they've ever been sown. The beds were just starting to dry out and now more rain.

Yesterday I put tunnels over the two pea beds and the one potato bed just to keep the rain out and help them dry! When I grabbed a handful of soil, the top 2-3" seemed ok to plant in but below that it was muddy. and when this bout of rain finally stops, I'm going to go ahead and plant in that top 2". If their roots go down into the mud and they drown later I have plenty of seed for replanting.

Now the turnip and carrot sowing scheduled for today has been cancelled until further notice. I have no idea what this year's garden will finally look like. I just know that when it's finally ok to plant it's going to be an avalanche of tasks to do at once. Oh well, been there and done that before and it will all get done sooner or later. Hopefully not later. It's always a race to get stuff up and running before the heat comes calling.
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Old February 18, 2020   #2
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Oh, yeah, it's raining here too. The whole winter has been gray and raining. Not time to plant yet, thank goodness. We're beginning to get landslides here due to the supersaturated soil.
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Old February 18, 2020   #3
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I'm pretty much on suicide watch down here. (not really)

But, It Will. Not. Stop. Raining.

11" (so far) in February
12.13" in January
10.63" in December, 2019

All from my front yard rain gauge. Pretty depressing....

~Jon~ Downheah, Mississippi
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Old February 18, 2020   #4
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Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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I saw Mississippi floods on the news here the other night! And Britain is getting it too. By the end of this winter I think everyone will have had a state of emergency.

Your rain is headed our way tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to see what it carves out of the snowbanks!
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Old February 20, 2020   #5
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Location: Mississippi
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Record amounts of rain here...standing water in the yard.

I spoke to a client on the other side of the country about a property inspection planned for the next few days, and ensured her that I would be able to handle the inspection. As soon as I hung up the phone, I realized that the property was most likely under water due to river flooding.
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Old February 21, 2020   #6
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Location: Southeast GA, USDA 9a, HZ9, Sunset Z28
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Yeah, central to north Georgia has really been getting it. We've been fortunate down here in Camden county.
You'll be surprised what you'll never have to do, if you put it off long enough.
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Old February 22, 2020   #7
Black Krim
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No snow here. Each time is snows it then rains. At least the ducks are enjoying the runoff that collects enough fir a few ducks to have a party.

I often think of getting out of ducks, then the rainy weather reminds me of how resilient they are.

Worried the potato field will be too wet for early planting. The tomatoes will be fine as most are planted over the septic field, aka sand drainage.
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Old February 22, 2020   #8
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It has been terribly rainy here for the past couple of months and even on days with no rain many are really overcast. It has been pretty good for broccoli, lettuce, rutabagas, mustard, turnips, cabbage, and peas; but it has been hard to keep the nutrients up with all the rain water leaching it out as soon as it is applied.

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