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Default Organic Non-GMO Estamino F1 Tomato Rootstock

Came across this on the net and might be of interest to some.


And another organic Non-GMO
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Thanks and yes, this is important stuff. Monsanto is evil and I will NEVER knowingly purchase seeds from a GMO company and do my best to research companies who are non GMO.

This is a great website to check for non GMO companies -
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I read on one site that using eggplant as a tomato rootstock works as well or better than the expensive tomato rootstocks.

I have friends in Texas right now and I planned to buy tomato rootstock seeds online for them to bring back here, when I ran across a thread that suggested using Celebration tomatoes, other hybrid tomatoes or the eggplants.

I have Celebration, and the Big Boy and Beef types and of course eggplant seed so I think I will save my money and try those.

The sites I found for tomato rootstock and clips that were the cheapest:

Clips: small at the bottom
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The eggplant rootstock works really well in high humidity climates. It does so so in dry arid climates. They use alot of it in the philippines where the humidity is nasty all the time.
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