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Default Need advice on LED light panels

I usually grow six plants each season, two each of three varieties. I start them from seed using a Brupee XL self watering tray and four 40w T12 daylight lamps. My problem is that even though I keep the lights within an inch of the plants I still end up with leggy plants.

I've been thinking of what I might change next season and have come up with two possible changes. One change is to replace the florescent lamps with a full spectrum LED panel and the second is to use the cold treatment. The light I'm looking at is the Spider Farmer SF-600.

What I'm looking for here is any advice you might have about using panels and anything you know about the particular panel.

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I’ve started my seedlings with a 45W led panel, big enough to light a standard 10x20 nursery tray. It grows robust starts, and is plenty to get your plants started before going outside. I think the higher power LEDs are really only necessary if you plant to do an actual indoor grow.

The one I got is called “Root Farm” to get an idea of what works for me.
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I use triple chip LED lights myself, works well. I have 3x Mieemclux 1500w

One of them will cover like 2 flats of seedlings, or 2 dwarf tomato plants, etc. I got these a year ago, the technology changes fast so there could be a better product now but I'm quite happy with these. You can daisy chain up to 3 together as well.

The pic below is just one light, I took the other 2 down for now.

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