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MAGTAG™ Coordinator
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Default MAGTAG Canceled

Sorry to break the news, but I have just started a new job and also just got out of the hospital two days ago. I have not heard from Greg Flynn (he must have changed his email) and have not reserved the pavilion for SW Area Park. At this point, it doesn't look as if MAGTAG VIII is going to happen in 2013, unless somebody wants to pick up the ball. If so, I'll be happy to send over my MAGTAG equipment/accessories ... if not, see you all in 2014.
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Sorry to hear you've been in the hospital! I hope you are on the mend.

Ann in Orlando
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Old April 23, 2013   #3
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Feel better, Cecilia, and best of luck with your new job!

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Old April 25, 2013   #4
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Cecilia et al,

It's been a good run. Perhaps next year. Thank, Cecilia for all your hard work. It has seemed to be losing interest from the perspective of Tomatoes. I would still be willing to do this in the future but we need interest in Tomatoes from the folks coming. It has started to become the Greg Show and that isn't what was intended.

Cecilia my email is Just take NOSPAM out.

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It's April. There's not time for others to step up and take the reins?

And yes I realize the same thing is affecting SETTFest right now -- Suze and I are not able to do it right now.
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Old May 26, 2013   #6
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Sorry to hear Cecelia has been in the hospital and there may not be a MAGTAG this year.

Last year I took my family to Europe for three weeks and when I came back the deer had jumped my garden fence and eaten every single tomato.

I have just extended the fence to 8 feet and planted 8 tomato plants including two grafts.

I can't volunteer to organize it from Philadelphia, but if someone else steps up I will promise to do my best to give Greg a run for his money like I did in 2011.
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Old June 18, 2013   #7
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Oh no! I was looking forward to going to my first one. Well, I don't know how these usually work, and I am a very novice backyard grower - this year is my first time really trying to grow tomatoes "seriously" (whatever that means) -- I have 14 varieties growing in the back yard this yaer. I would be glad to contribute for next time around, assuming I don't kill everything.
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Old June 19, 2013   #8
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I have never attended but was looking forward to my first one this year. Don't know what the event usually entails..but could we just meet for something simple this year? Reserve a space, bring pot luck, and have a taste testing? I would think a taste testing contest would just entail tomato contributions, knives, voting slips and little containers to put them in...and napkins. And the prize could be......seeds? Or just bragging rights? Or a tasting without a contest involved?

How about a tomato exchange--everybody brings a few of their harvest, a little slip of paper telling its history (especially if its an heirloom) and we all exchange and take an assortment of tomatoes home. Like a cookie exchange. Or maybe also bring some extra seeds and exchange them too.

We could keep it simple...this that no one person needs to do a lot of planning/work. And then next year the usual organizers could resume a more extensive event if they want.
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Old July 6, 2013   #9
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I'll be sorry not to see everyone (again). I always come home bubbling -- sweaty, but bubbling -- and enjoy so much being with other tomato people. The conversation is always great. That's not something you can say about just anyone.

Ceil, I hope you're doing okay, and that the new job is going well.

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Hope to go and meet folks another year. Seems like a fun event.
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