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Default This year we are having a problem with cucumber plants

they are not growing and turning brown and dying. could it be a deficiency in the soil?
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A pic would help as there are so many cucumber diseases that look the same, making it difficult to diagnose. I am having issues as well, I think mine is angular leaf spot.
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A pic does help and gets more responses/attention.

You are near me. Lower elevation i think. I direct seeded a few weeks ago so mine look
good so far. I also have a six pack i started inside for back-ups.
I never get a super healthy harvest so i re-seed often and hope for the best.

When did you plant? From seed directly or starts? The heat we had the past 4 days
would be rough on anything freshly planted. Constant irrigation on anything that has
not had a chance to develop some root mass. Or shade cloth/shade frame.

I still have the rest of my toms and other starts i held off planting last weekend. Better
off in the barn window and will go in this weekend up-coming...
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