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Default SCRI S. phureja crosses (Mayan Gold, Inca Bella etc.)

Has anyone else grown the SCRI (Scottish Crop Research Institute) Solanum tuberosum x Solanum phureja crosses? I grew Mayan Gold and Inca Bella and wow! People weren't kidding when they said they made amazing roast potatoes. The Mayan Gold sucked up oil like sponge, but the resulting roast potato wasn't greasy. The Inca Bella absorbed less oil but tasted just as amazing. They have a really deep umami flavour for a potato.

I've already picked up Inca Bella seed potatoes for this year. I'm downsizing the number of varieties I'm growing this year but these made the cut!

There are a few other S. phureja crosses from the SCRI but the only other variety I can get delivered to me is Mayan Twilight and the postage would cost 4 times more than the seed potatoes! Still, I'm tempted!

Article on the origins of the project
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I purchased seed potatoes for both of those varieties couple of years ago and agree totally with you about the awesome texture and taste of them. I have saved my own seed for them and increased the amount to plant every year.

I found out that these are also very blight resistant. Last year I lost all La Ratte and Puikula to blight, but Inca Bella and Mayan Gold produced well.

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