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Originally Posted by gardeninglee View Post
Those peppers look amazing! I'm waiting for her micros to list. Can we get an update?
Here is the latest update from Ellie:
"Right now I have restocked and newly listed 7 micro varieties. Just as soon as I can get their germ test results, I will also list these micros: Orange Hat; Andrina; Vilma; Hahms Gelb Topftomate; and Lille Lise…so five more micros. I have also listed 8 hanging basket varieties, with probably another 7 or so of those awaiting germ test and listing. Some of the hanging basket varieties are nearly as small as the micros. I grow them both in the same size hanging baskets."

Also, I think she keeps her Facebook page updated when she has the time
Bunny Hop Seeds Facebook page

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A wonderful place to buy seeds. Very nice people. Quick and friendly service. A gem of a shop. They will forever be one of my seed sources.
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Bunny Hop Seeds has a CINCO de MAYO sale! From May 5th until May 10th, receive 20% off on your Bunny Hop Seeds purchase by using the coupon code “HOPPY5” at checkout!

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Heritage Seed Market is one of my favorite sources &, in fact, I'm growing more tomato varieties (9) from there than any other place.

The prices for the seeds & shipping are great & the germination rate was for me, as well: 94.4%!
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