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Originally Posted by imp View Post
Wow, will have to try that, Zeedman, sounds like if it works, I won't have to worry about timing for Sevin!
Yep, it works. I've been using a similar formula for years. It's absolutely devastating on wasps, horseflies, and stinkbugs.

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squash bugs and cucumber beetles wreck havoc here. I saved your recipe for 'bad bug' soap! I will try it this summer!
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Thanks, Zeedman! Definitely going to give your bug spray a try this year!

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I sprinkle sevin dust at the base of the stem only.
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Last year I used a diatomaceous earth (DE) suspension with some permethrin mixed in sprayed at the base of the squash plants and it seemed fairly effective, not 100% in ridding or at least cutting way back on squash bugs. It helped then, may not help this year, time will tell. Also, I discovered some Japanese beetles in my pear trees and sprayed them with the same treatment. The flew away like they were under machine gun attack and never returned.
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Originally Posted by Zeedman View Post
If you don't like poisons or squishing, squash bugs are very vulnerable to soap spray in all stages. In a one-quart spray bottle, I use:
1 cup rubbing alcohol;
1 tsp liquid soap;
1 tbs cooking oil;
1 tbs syrup (maple or corn syrup);
and fill the remainder with water.
Add the ingredients in the order listed; the alcohol prevents the soap from foaming, and the soap emulsifies the cooking oil. Add water to 1/2 full initially, shake vigorously until the oil & syrup have completely dissolved, then add water to fill & shake gently. The soap can be any mild soap, I recommend Safers, baby shampoo, or Dawn.
this works fabulously but put it in one of those little pump up 1/2 gallon (or even a 1 qt one if you can find one.) pressure sprayer. this will make it much easier to target and spray without disturbing the bugs to drop to the ground and hide.
carolyn k

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I wonder what is the purpose of the corn syrup in this mix?
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It acts as a sticker, so it doesn't wash off easily when it dries. Claud
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