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When I was a teenager my Siamese cat was looking up at the light her head going around and around.
I was reading a book and noticed this.
Then her head dropped to the bed and I looked.
As god is my witness a 1 foot long centipede was on my lap crawling up towards me on my hairless teenage chest.

I have battled all manner of large beasts including raging bulls and cows with 3 foot horns, mean dogs with 6 inch fangs, wild hogs with shiny tusks and beady eyes, wildcats as long as a limousine and tails as far as the eye could see, all out to kill me.

Stood my ground and fought them off with a stick.

Deadly scorpions, spiders and snakes too.

((((BUT))))) I have to say that thing scared the hell out of me.
I jumped out of bed and ran for my life like a yellow backed gutless coward screaming all along the way.
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Scutigera coleoptrata is very common here. It eats all the other arthropods and then leaves the house. I let it do its business.

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Lol Worth1!

Their name sounds a bit like "Scuttling Cleopatra". . .
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