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Default Morningsun Herb Farm Tomato Day

Hi All,

Here is a link for reference:

It seems that the format of this event has changed. This time, there will be demonstrations by chefs. They will also be selling heirloom tomatoes. At 2 pm, there will be a contest for biggest tomato (all entries are welcomed).

I almost forgot to mention, there is a 5.00 donation request for this event.

"All proceeds will benefit the Solano County Chapter of Slow Food, and the Slow Food Terra Madre Project which will send delegates from South and Central America to Slow Food International’s Terra Madre 2006 in Turin," Per the Morningsun Herb Farm website.
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Thanks for posting that Angelique, I hadn't checked the website lately.

Originally Posted by Angelique
They will also be selling heirloom tomatoes.
Great, now I don't have to feel gulity about rubbing seeds on my tee-shirt from the varieties I like. I can just bag a tomato.
AND BTW, I'm glad to see they have an association with the slow food movement, I'll be more than happy to fork over $5.00 for the cause.

From the slow food website:

Australia - 11/08/2006

Grubs Know Wine

Australian scientists are studying smell sensors in worms and insects in order to construct an electronic "cybernose" that can measure aromas and flavors in wine.

Such a device could also be used to detect explosives when passengers board airplanes or trains or as a breathalyzer test for drunk drivers.

The scientists believe they will be able to copy the way worms and insects process smells to measure the minute differences in the sensory characteristics of food and wine.

The project, which will cost AUD 4.5 million, is a collaboration between the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization, Australian National University and Monash University.

A representative stated that he hopes a product will be on the market in five to seven years. It would help wine makers determine the best time to pick their grapes and to better tailor their wines to taste and make it easier to achieve higher quality in their productions.
Good job Grubby! Keep sniffing that wine! (You can drink a little too :wink: If it doesn’t affect those olfactory nerves! )
Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks.

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