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Default Dixondale Farms Onions

Had an interesting interaction with Dixondale. they sent the wrong variety of onions last year. Too bad they were my favorite and I missed them (red Tropeo), can't really tell what an onion will look like until it is half grown.

I called and explained the problem and they said they would ship out replacements the next day. I explained I will need them in April and they said sure. Nice that a large provider sticks by their customers.

Good place for onion starts.
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Rajun Gardener
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When I 1st started planted onions I thought Dixondale was the best and customer service was alway outstanding but after talking to a few market growers you can get cheaper prices for their plants in a few places cheaper.
Dixondale has a screwed up pricing way of selling. You can order Dixondale onions from Morgan County Seed and it's cheaper than Dixondale. They also sell cases to many feed n seed stores for about $27 and it's also cheaper than Dixondale.

I assume Morgan County will sell Dixondale again this year too, look at the pricing difference between the 2.
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I set out about 300 of the short day mix from Dixondale. They look well so far.
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I have ordered from Dixondale at least 5 years. Put an order together with friends, so the onions are cheaper since we combine orders. Order leeks too and they are really good also. Free shipping, don't know if the others have that. And one time, one of the bunches of onions had 10-15 less plants than expected and they sent a replacement bunch immediately. So, for me they had good prices and excellent customer service.
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thanks for the post. i never heard of them till now always bought set and had poor results cant wait to try the plants this year. same with morgan county i heard of them from youtube video but must have slipped by
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That picture of the wheelbarrow full of candy onions that I sent to dixondale better than 5 years ago has been HIJACKED and posted on 5 different websites that I have seen.They were grown here in the U.P. of Mi. They were candy onions and grown from plants from dixondale. GOOD GARDENING TO YA YOPPER
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You ought to get a royalty! That picture made me place an order for Candy.

First year I will have planted the "correct" onions for where I live.

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