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D.J. Wolf
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Default Suggestions for...

Ok everyone, I'm back to asking for advise again lol. What I'm looking for is a highly productive, fairly early paste/sauce tomato. I want to find something I can make sauce, paste, salsa, and maybe juice out of that is HIGHLY productive, fairly few disease or other growing issues, and decent shelf life (as it make take several days for me to get stuff processed). These will be used, as I said, for juice, salsa, paste, and sauce, all canned. I've looked at a lot of seed sellers, etc. but I value and trust the opinions and experience of my fellow Tomatoville members more that I do a picture and brief description on a sellers website.

For this part of my garden this year, I'm not as concerned if these are a OP variety or a hybrid, as everything will be cooked and processed, then canned.

My plan right now is to put in 15-20 plants specifically for paste and sauce, etc. Would like to be able to put up as much finished product as I physically can off of this number of plants, I seem to maybe have tapped into a small market for this type of stuff, and I love my tomato juice and homemade sauces anyway.

Anyway, any help any of you can give would be great!
Kevin (aka the DJ)
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