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Default A few simple TPS questions

Considering I am stuck for space....

Do you need to avoid planting TPS in locations where plants from the same family have been planted in the last 3 seasons, or are they exempt from this rule?

Is it possible to grow TPS seedlings in the same soil or location where a previous crop of TPS seedlings have been grown earlier in the season.

Alternatively is it possible to grow TPS seedlings in soil which was used to grow regular clone potatoes in the last season or two.

Unlike regular potatoes where its not advisable from my knowledge, Can TPS seedlings grow well alongside tomato plants, or will they infect each other with blight or other viruses?

Thanks for any advice.
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Tom Wagner
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Good questions!

Without a doubt, rotation should be a goal and not plant in the same place.

However, I purposely plant in the same areas where other potatoes were planted for years...hoping the late blight, scab, rhizoc, etc., is present to eliminated the susceptible lines. Of course, this makes it difficult to grow the standard stuff, but I don't want standard. I have planted potatoes in other locations without the threat of previous year's potatoes mucking up the works and those areas are reserved for clones or TPS that I feel may not tolerate an infestation of fungal, bacterial, viral, insect onslaughts. I can't grow a Yukon Gold or a Chieftain in this plot in Mount Vernon....they succumb to late blight before maturity. Earlier this week I had a couple of good tuber lines from TPS of the cross of Washington Winter and Yukon Gold that carried the resistances from Washington Winter into the hybrid, otherwise an OP TPS of Yukon Gold would be a bad fit.

I have TPS that have gone five generations in the same soil. I have to weed out volunteer potatoes in those locations too. The five generations are
1. Skagit Valley Gold
2 Skagit Magic
3. Magic Dragons
4. Baggins' Dragons
5. Smaug's Dragons....the current seedlings in the field

I want to play around with TPS in the worst way...and I mean literally. That said...I hope my customer base wont have to.....I should have solutions for them before they experience the problems.
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Thanks Tom.

Hope your knee is better !

I'm a bit confused about timescales following harvesting of 1st generation TPS potato tubers.
My backyard TPS seedlings are close to flowering. I expect I'll need to harvest early July before the hot summer extremes of July August. Would the best bet be to plant 2nd generation clone tubers harvested from these TPS plants the following spring? Would they last that long ?
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