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Default My own creation

I'm pretty psyched about my first real harvest from a Skagit Valley Gold x Thumb Nose cross saved two years ago and grown out for seed tubers last year. The Ohio State garden fact sheet says to expect 1-2 lb for potatoes around here. I've had a string of problems and am lucky to get that, but my best hill with this new thing was 4.7 lbs with 7 of 23 oblong tubers between 5 and 9 ounces, which I'm guessing is big for a 2n species. SVG never got that big for me, and my Thumb Nose gives me a handfull of peanuts.

This thing is a nice deep yellow flesh with sad pink skin--really good flavor. Late blight swept through and killed my tomatoes but I didn't see any rot on the tubers and only a little damage to the leaves.

Things might have been better, I think, but I didn't 'store' the seed tubers last winter. They sat out in my mud room all winter and were barely alive when I planted them. I won't make that mistake again.
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Sounds interesting.

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would love to see a picture if you have some to post?


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
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bonus that flavor, disease resistance and yields is great. Congrats...the one in 100 found as tps...surprise cause neither parent is huge potato thrower.
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They are really boring--a dirty pink, like the side border around our Tomatoville icons but darker. They are oblong with no real eyes.

I got several berries with one seed each in them, and then 2-3 more with a handfull of seeds--the curse of not having enough other 2n plants around (wet soil--they didn't come up.)

Its siblings all conked out--poor storage and poor production. I don't have many seeds from 2n parents so I did get lucky!
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