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Default Hardneck not developed correctly

I planted 5 lbs of German Red (in back on video) and 1 pound of Georgian Fire. The Georgian Fire made nice scapes and large well defined bulbs.

Video in May

The German Red had maybe had one plant develop a scape. It developed some very large bulbs but after removing several layers of covering I only had 1 largish clove. Some we're a little rotten.


Question I have is was I sold the wrong garlic instead of German Red, or was there another problem? Maybe the video holds a clue. I wondered if slope may have affected water flow and over watered them. That would mean other variety was ok with more water.

Incidentally this is sandy soil with horse manure compost tilled in. We also had temps down into single digits. The Georgian Fire probably had more wheat straw mulch and german red had wood chips. I fertilized niether in spring and did not water.
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