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Originally Posted by rhoder551 View Post
... I find it to be a later producing plant as earlier posted have said, that is fine in my climate since we get the hottest weather in Sept. Oct. The first year I grew it alone in one of my raised beds and was astonished by it's productivity and some of the early tomatoes were very large although most were on the small side but there was a lot and they were delicious. Last year I planted it too close to another tomato and it did not thrive so this year it is growing alone in a raised bed and I have high hopes. It does need support in my garden...
Interesting. Mine was the first to fruit--even ahead of cherry tomatoes, and set 6 fruits on the first truss! So it was early and prolific. But all of those fruits got BER, half of them at a very small size. Maybe the BER is because the plant was simply not established enough to be putting on all that fruit so early.
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