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Default Mortgage lifter ( variants of the tomato)

I have a good question for anyone who knows about the mortgage lifter tomato more than me. Ok here's the question.. how many variants of the heirloom are there. There's the radiator Charlie's ( the father of all legendary heirlooms from the 1930s), bicolor mortgage lifter and my personal favorite yellow mortgage lifter. Now on the last one. The yellow mortgage lifter. Was it a mutation of the original mortgage lifter or was it developed as a open pollinated variety by crossing the bicolor mortgage lifter and golden ponderosa. What are ur thoughts.
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From Tatiana's tomatobase:
Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter Bicolor
Mortgage Lifter, Carter's
Mortgage Lifter, Estler's
Mortgage Lifter, German
Mortgage Lifter, Halladay's
Mortgage Lifter, Mullen's
Mortgage Lifter, O'Driscoll's
Mortgage Lifter, Pesta
Mortgage Lifter, Quisenberry's
Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie's
Mortgage Lifter, Red
Mortgage Lifter, Rieger's
Mortgage Lifter, Watson's
Mortgage Lifter, Yellow

She and her site are treasures. Each listing has a history.
there's two things money can't buy; true love and home grown tomatoes.
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Fred Hempel
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My thoughts are that names are often attached to unrelated or partially related varieties, because name recognition sells. But also because the name may indicate some key shared characteristics.

For me, if there are key shared characteristics, I am generally OK with using a "known" name to link a new variety with an established one, particularly when there is a genetic relationship between the two lines.

Examples: Marzano, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee

However, it may be seen as problematic if the new line has no known genetic relationship with the line it is being compared to (if it is based almost solely on an attempt to "use" the old name to sell a variety that doesn't have much in common with the new line).
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