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Default Opinions about Tasti-Lee?

There is some interesting information on the net about Tasti-Lee. They make a big deal about it being vine ripened and not picked green and gassed. I began looking after I had bought some at Kroger. Usually very pricey, but on sale this week. Pretty good taste for a "winter tomato" I think. Makes a good BLT, again, for off-season use.

Has anyone grown these in their garden, especially as a late tomato for short term storage? Don't know if I'll get around to it this season, but maybe in the future.

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We get them here in Fl.really fresh,local in mid state.Really great as a commodity everyday mater for kitchen.I only have grown it two or thre times from store seeds,really stable,really good.
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I grew it for a few years and found for a hybrid with high fusarium resistance that it was decent tasting and had a long shelf life. It had one problem which was little or no resistance to root knot nematodes which are pretty bad down here. Since I need resistance to all three races of fusarium and RKN it wasn't a great tomato for me but it should do well up north and they can be quite productive.

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