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Default How to divide 1/4 teaspoon of granular herbicide into 8 parts?

OK, I have a few (5 or 6) nutgrass sprouts that keep coming back in my raised beds.

I have dug them up repeatedly and they come back.

I have sprayed them with Roundup and they didn't even notice.

I sprayed them with Image mixed per label instructions and they didn't bat an eye.

I sprayed them with concentrated Image right out of the bottle and they seemed to think it was fertilizer.

I found the attached that says herbicides containing Halosulfuron work better than Image.

Image contains Imazaquin.

SedgeHammer, Hi-Yield Nutsedge Control, and Monterey Nut Grass Killer contain Halosulfuron.

But they are not cheap. I found some Hi-Yield Nutsedge Control at a local garden center. It was $18 for 0.03 ounces (weight). It's a kind of granular solid in tiny little worm-shaped particles.

That's about 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Hmmmm. They say to mix it all in 1 gallon of water and use within 24 hours.

But they say to reapply after a week or two if it didn't kill the nutgrass. That gets expensive.

What I want to do is divide that tiny amount into 8 little ziplock bags and use it as needed. Each little bag would make a pint of solution.

I have some digital postage scales but they don't measure down at those levels. The lowest resolution is like 0.1 ounce.

Anybody got any suggestions on how to divide 1/4 teaspoon of solid into 8 equal little piles?
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Black Krim
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Well, I would put the 1/4 tsp on a small paper and use popsicle stick or similar to move particles into 8 parts. Start by dividing the 1/4tsp in half. then continue dividing in half. Carefully scrape material off paper on to a small paper then fold up to contain granules and put in the plastic baggie.

Wax paper can be good to work on too as the paper.

Also once you can see the number of granules that is 1/4 tsp divided by 8, just estimate the amount, like a cook uses 1 pinch or 1/2 pinch.

Use gloves and a face mask.
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Join Date: Jan 2018
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Razor blade and mirror.
cut 8 equal parts
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If to small,multiply amount to a manageable weight with a inert substance,Diamatous( hate that word)earth would not affect the material.Sand works for me,Some pelleted materials mix sand,perfect broadcast rates( with the sterile playground fine sand).For larger mixes the sand helps identify the seed broadcast, y colors in the spreader.
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Count the little worms out into 8 piles. First, 10 worms per pile, then add some number of worms equally to all 8 piles until all worms are used. Yep, I'm obsessive-compulsive.

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Mix it with 8 teaspoons of water and use 1 teaspoon at a time.
or forget all that and use straight 8% vinegar.
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Rajun Gardener
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Go dig them up again, you have to get the nut out or it will continue to throw out shoots or use a whole teaspoon in a quart. I doubt it'll work but maybe since you're just chasing a few. More is better, I would also mix it with a teaspoon of salt, a little vinegar and a dash of Dawn.

Good Luck, let me know if it works because it's a constant battle over here.
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Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Mississippi
Posts: 157

Thanks everybody. I will give some of those a try.

I like the idea of mixing it thoroughly with dry sand and then dividing the mixture into 8 equal parts. I can do that with my postal scales.

Nan PA 6b, I too am obsessive-compulsive. I frequently count seeds to make sure I space them evenly in my 24-foot rows.

ABlindHog, I cannot mix it with any water until time to use it. The label says that it should be used soon after dissolving it. Are you saying that vinegar kills nut grass?

The razor blade on a mirror had occurred to me. I have seen drug dealers doing that in movies or on TV. They most likely have perfected the process.

Thanks again everybody.
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Tiny Tim
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I purchased this scale for weighing out shooting powders. BTW. Never seen a big difference using them. Nice scale though, accurate and cheap.
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