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Criolla De Cocina looks kind of like a giant habanero (4" x 2"). It's a sweet pepper. I don't know if it tastes anything like one. It's supposed to have thin walls. I wonder if it's C. chinense or C. annuum (or a cross between the two). One reviewer says the flavor isn't as intense as that of a seasoning pepper.
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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
Interesting. I have Trinidad Perfume for the first time this year, which is very similar, but from what I read might contain a tiny bit of heat.
I grew Trinidad Seasoning before. It was fun to grow, slow at first, then it took off. I grew it in containers. When I finally sampled the pepper, it wasn't hot, but the flavor was unusual. I hope you get lots of great peppers-if I remember I will ask how you like Trinidad Perfume.
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I went with some friends today for Spring kick off of plant season and they had racks of Baker Hill and Johnny's seed. I looked over the Baker Hill seeds and found a pack of the Habanada seeds. I got few extra seeds too I could share with a couple of folks.
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