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Default Here comes da bugs...

Not a worry so far except for the new arrival of a few beetles. Just this morning it looks
like a striped potato or cucumber beetle.(?) Top right. Found on a young GroundCherry.

The top left, tortoise beetle i remember from last year...never more than one or two a
day so i just hand pick.

Bottom right is a flea beetle tiny hole damage. Not troubling so far, just one plant, lower
leaves i removed.

The shriveled leaf is odd. I'm thinking from a storm from tree 'dandruff'. Something
from above being the only one. The rest of the plant is fine. Lots of cattican and tulip
poplar debris. Or bird dropping...something intensely concentrated.

Always a few mysteries. Odd to not see the usual stink bugs. No mosquitos after all the
rain and just one tick the past three days....
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Those striped cucumber beetles are what I despise. We were covered up last year, and they gave everything their special brand of wilt.

We had our first tortoise shell beetles last year - they came in a load of manure. I don't mind them really.
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I took this picture to let my sis know what evidence to look for when scouting out hornworms. I let this guy get too healthy.

hornworm and evidence.jpg
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