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Default tomato yellow leaf curl virus resistant varietier

TYLCV has hit our area hard this year. When I called my county extension agent he said he had an office full of sick plants that people had brought in. I have lost about 30% of the near 100 that I planted. So I have been searching for varieties that are resistant to or tolerant of the virus. The list I have come up with that are available in the US and their sources for seed is:

Tycoon-Paramount seeds 250 seeds minimum
Polina-Paramount seeds, 100 seeds min (out of stock)
Margo-Tomato Growers Supply
ChampionII- Totally Tomatoes
Sophya-Totally Tomatoes
SecuriTy28-HarrisMoran Co

These are all red, medium size fruited hybrids. They tend to be more expensive to buy seed but it may be worth it. I am wondering if others know of other varieties or have had experience with any of these or other TYLCV varieties?
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Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Southern New Mexico
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This is a followup to my above post of over a year ago. Since no one responded I did more research and came up with 5 varieties which I planted.
They are:
They all seem to have a good deal of resistance yo TYLCV as all are producing and none have died (about 10 plants total). As a contrast again I have lost at least a third of my other tomato plants. The potato leaf varieties seem to be better off than the RL varieties but not wholly safe. The resistant varieties are all determinates and thus smaller. Tycoon, Skyway and Warrior are quite small, 2 feet or less and with rather sparse foliage the fruit are subject to sunburn here in the desert, so I have belatedly covered their cages with old sheets to try to help that problem. Tribute and Camaro are larger, about 3 feet at this point with good leaf cover. Fruit size I estimate is up to 10 oz. Haven't picked any quite yet. I will probably plant those 2 again. The others, Tycoon, Skyway and warrior may be better (under my hot dry conditions) as greenhouse or container plants. Hope this helps anyone having the same problems as me.
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Good info to have just in case. So far don't know of any of the growers around here, nor myself who have had it yet. Hopefully we won't, but at least your info will help.
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