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Default A day of plenty

I have so many green tomatoes I had to pick the ripe ones then I spied the North Star peppers a few of the pole beans along with my first harvest of Straight 8 cukes. Still waiting for the Black Sea Man tomatoes to turn from green to ripe, and the Cubanelle & Shish!to peppers to mature here's a pic of today's harvest.
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Hi Jet;
Nice harvest! I love your pics and your results.

What are your 'winners' and 'losers' from this year for container growing?

Thanks for posting!


Iron Pete

"We can agree to disagree."
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IronPete, Maybe I been doing the grow bag thing to long (5yrs now) but Ive been very happy with the results & the lessons I've learned over the years. The 1st year trying grow bag gardening could have been my last the results were terrible!! My #1 tip... Check the plants every day if possible #2 after the 1st month of growth fertilize every 2 weeks, even if the potting mix you use in your grow bags tells you it feeds for up to 3 months it just isn't true when it comes to heavy feeding veggies like tomatoes, peppers, cukes & most others the only exceptions would be green beans & peas. I use Expert brand fertilizer 15 - 30 - 15 a water soluble fertilizer I get at Walmart its cheap and does a great job! I can apply it at half or full strength depending on the plant I'm feeding. #3 never ever let your grow bags dry up, if you do you will have problems you can set up a drip system or water daily like I do because I'm retired and always water from the bottom if possible. I use planter trays that when full allow 2" of water, yes fully mature & fruiting plants may need to be water twice a day especially if it's above 80 out. #4 Prevention is the best cure! I turn to Gary on this one he has some great advice on what to apply to your plants no matter if the problem is insects or plant virus more than likely Gary will offer a cure that will give you great results without breaking the bank. That's pretty much it IronPete... Good Luck!
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