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Default The buildup one gets with Fabric Pots

As summer has officially started last week (my pots are getting murky). I already did a scrape on the exterior of my fabric posts like 2-3 weeks ago from all the spring rain that sorta pushes that sorta growth

Aside from the salt builtup/flushing one get's with fabric pots, as soon as the pot media gets to the point where's in consistently saturated *takes a bit of water in bark/peat*, to get it comosty.......the fabric pots become a welcome home for this nasty algae/mold that likes to grow.

Every now and then, I take a hand shovel or putty knife, and literally scrape the sides off.

Its really gross if it's been raining heavily, as you can come out and smell the wet algae/mold on the pots. It does not affect the plant or the inside medium.

I wash them out end of season with bleachy hot water....but it always comes back.

On the other hand, Marks fabric pots look pretty clean from the *internt pics afar*. Mine do sit outside in all the elements though

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