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Default eagerly hoping for fall tomatoes

hey - been a minute

between research/dissertation, teaching, and work, my spring summer was a bust

BUT - I planted Brandywine and Edelrot (thanks for the seeds, kchd) for some fall ‘maters and some French thyme

going to freshen up the dirt in my containers and hope there is enough time to harvest a couple in MS before the season ends
"Ain't nothin' in the world that I like better than bacon and lettuce, and home-grown tomatoes."
- Guy Clark (RIP), "Home-Grown Tomatoes"
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Sorry you didn't get a garden earlier, WM, but good to hear you'll get something to harvest this year. You could also throw in some radishes; they develop quickly.

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I cut most of my 6-foot tall tomato plants back to about 18 inches high this week.

I have had some luck with them coming on for fall tomatoes in years past. Fall plants are hard to finf in stores.
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