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I will definitely keep you updated with its skin color.
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of the Baker creek offerings I think it most closely resembles Costoluto Florentino just going by shape. Time will tell. My money is on it being red.
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I think it looks like one of the Costolutos...and if BC is selling Florentino, then that's a likely choice.
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Costoluto means ruffled more or less so I guess it would look like one.

I didn't see it in the listing must have missed it.

There it is, I dont know how I missed it.

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I have grown ML a few times and last year they were a great tomato. Pink tomatoes that looked about like a brandywine, but set fruit more reliably. Somehow, though, I could not find the seeds I saved from them when I needed them in April. Instead I used from my original source again, a ziplok of seed from a SASE seed shelf cleanout offer that was marked 2011 Baker Creek.

This time, from that same bag, they came out different, x2. One plant is throwing fruits that look ribbed like the above. They don't blush over evenly and the shoulders stay yellow with cracking. The next two plants are throwing what looked like last year's MLs, but miniature versions of them. I just tried a kitchen table pic of them and it is rubbish, so I'll have to take a pic of them on the vine. I was pretty disappointed. The ribbed one taste okay but has big cracks at the top to harbor mold. The little ones were mushy and first tomatoes in that row to blush. They are better tasting now, but still so small it is laughable.

Last week, while clearing off the vegetable rack, we found a paper towel with seeds saved from a 7/16 ML; I will try that next year.
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FYI, in case anyone was interested in an update on this tomato. They actually ended up being blacks. So, definitely a wrong seed. I'm thinking maybe black krim but who really knows.
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Originally Posted by Rockporter View Post
I hope mine looks like that in the fall. When am I supposed to direct start seeds for fall growing here? I haven't a clue. But I don't want to use cups and everything else this season and I don't want to buy plants. I just want to try out nature and see how it works out with direct seeding. I can always pull the plant and replant it in the same container to make it think it was transplanted, lol.

Rockporter - here is a good sheet that I use, but it is more for central Texas. I would imagine you should start direct sowing fairly soon, maybe within the next month after it (hopefully) starts to cool off a bit.
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