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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
In the above post there was no link, even though I'm obviously logged in and posting. An example of my screen follows:

Here's a few of the containers we've generated. I'm using last year's wood chips as a mulch this time around.

I also have put out 10 straw bales with two plants each. That container is a Big Boy and it has about a dozen fruit set on it.

I can see photos just fine from another computer. The laptop I am on sometimes tries my patience. - Lisa

Name: DSCF0001.JPG Views 238 Size 148.1 KB

The DSCF0001.JPG in your quoted area above represents one of the picture links. How did that one get to the bottom of your quote? Did you type it or did your computer somehow sort it to the bottom? On my screen that link is directly under Ted's first picture description "Here's a few of the containers...", and above the next description "I also have put out...", and it is click-able as a link.

Sorry I can't be more help, you need someone with a lot more knowledge than I have
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