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Default Few Toms, but Great Taste!

I'm new this year to gardening, and I've landed in a plot in my community garden which is way too shady for tomatoes, resulting in plants which have failed to thrive or put out too much fruit. But here's my tomato review so far:

Rosella Crimson - Small yield, fruit about the size of a handball with a blood red interior. It's the best tomato I have ever tasted. Very sweet, yes, but also tangy and very complex with red wine flavors, and with plum and other deep, fruity flavors. Just fantastic. I will definitely grow these again next year.

African Queen - Best yield so far, even though the plant is in a fight for its life against white powdery mildew at the moment. Puts out baseball sized fruit (a healthy plant would go softball size) and is exactly what you want from a beefsteak, meaty and "tomatoey."

San Marzano Redorta - Just a good Italian plum tomato for canning. It's okay taste-wise but honestly, given that I am not on a hill in Sicily where the temperature and soil are so critical to this type of tomato, I'll just get the canned ones from now on.

Amos Coli - A very sweet canning tomato which puts out fruit a bit larger than golf ball size. It's very sweet, perhaps the sweetest tomato I've ever eaten but it seems to be only sweet, with very little complexity. I think I'll pass next year. While I avoided any EBR by putting plenty of lime in the hole, this one did give me a couple of tomatoes which threated EBR. The yield has been so tiny (not necessarily the plant's fault, but due to way too much shade) that I've been freezing them as they come in to make some sauce, but it may frankly be a bit too sweet after being cooked down.

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