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Originally Posted by peebee View Post
I got Osmocote a couple of weeks ago at half price too, but there was only 1 left so I checked other Targets but they are not all doing the same clearances at the same time. My local Walmart never has fertilizers and such on sale, ever. I've seen a few random bags of soil marked down before they bring in the fall/winter stuff like pumpkins and Xmas trees. But that's it. I once asked a clerk there why garden stuff is never on sale and was told it's because we can garden year round here.
Got lots of Sevin dust for $1 for my canine's sleep area. Went back 2 days later and the whole lot was gone, scores of them. Walmart H St in Chula Vista, CA
You've gotta hunt and sometimes you get lucky
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Rajun Gardener
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Am Leonard offers free shipping a few times a year so sign up for the email notification.

They are a full service gardening/greenhouse supply company but they don't sell seeds. I buy perlite half the price of local stores and I just ordered 3.8cuft bag of organic seed starting mix for $28. That's a deal for my area so I stock up for future planting.

The free shipping applies to only 80 lbs and they list the weight of the product under the price in the description.

This is good till Sep 3rd so take a look soon.
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Seabright Labs brand yellow sticky traps pack of 15 for $12.49 and free shipping. On eBay. I haven't maybe ever seen them this cheap. Amazon has them for almost $17. I ordered 5 since they dont to bad.

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Kitchen Garden Seeds - free shipping for Labor Day! From their emailed offer:

To celebrate Labor Day, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all seeds, all weekend, and until Monday night at midnight. Think of all the spent veggies you'll be pulling out of your garden in the next week or so, and of all the free space you'll have to direct-sow fresh fall crops. Let's hang on to summer, no matter what the calendar says!

** Please note that a shipping charge will appear on any order placed on our website. Rest assured that our customer service agents will remove that charge before processing your credit card. This free shipping offer does not apply to non-seed items like Hops, Potatoes, Garlic, Onion Sets and Shallot Sets. **
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Park Seed has a free shipping offer that extends through today. Somehow I missed the original offer in my email. They are often one of the few sellers of particular AAS winners.

- Lisa
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Last day for Burpee's 5 pkts for $15 + $2.99 shipping. Good outfit with good hybrids, if you can buy their seeds at a significant discount. Wanted to try Summer Girl (and from clkeiper's suggestion), Honey Delight. Summer Girl is supposedly quite crack resistant.

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