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Originally Posted by Goodloe View Post
Looking good, Miss Linda! Just an update on some of the seeds you sent me:

Criolla de Cocina germinated 4/6. Already potted up.
Onza Rojo germinated 5/6, and they just JUMPED out of the dirt!

Thanks again!
Your welcome

Originally Posted by Hunt-Grow-Cook View Post
Those look fantastic Roper. Freeport Orange is a great bonnet pepper, not blow your face off hot, but hot enough and great flavor.
Good to hear. Did you grow the Esiritu Santo Red last year? I’m definitely going to make a powder with it and possibly jelly.
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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post

Growing this year, one of each except for 2 Gypsys:

Alma Paprika
Ancho Grande
Big Jim Anaheim
Feher Ozone Paprika
Jalapeno M
Keystone Resistant III
Mucho Nacho
Sweet Banana (a freebie)
Got 'em started yesterday. Woo Hoo! This year I'm going to prune the terminal bud for the first time.

I also started one 'Millionaire' eggplant. Last year's went nuts and produced all we wanted. Would pruning an eggplant help?
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@Hunt-Grow-Cook; any updates on the Aji Amarillo? I started seedlings from three sources, and I'm not sure I should keep all three, especially if they will all grow to 5 feet.
I have put almost all of my seedlings into containers, but I'm trying a few for the first time that apparently grow pretty tall.
Several of these are from trades. Thank you fellow traders! I've topped them all.

I'm growing

Aji Amarillo Grande from Artisan
Baby Aji Amarillo from Artisan (the peppers are smaller, but not sure about the plant).
Aji Amarillo from a trade on Hungry Onion
Rocoto "Peron"; it's been through at least two winter's
Piquillo; saved seeds from a plant that does great every year! Not sure if it's "true", and it can be sort of hot
Bishop's Cap
"Carribean Seasoning Pepper"
Tobago Seasoning
Trinidad Perfume
My mother-in-law Jean's yellow Scotch Bonnet
Urfa Biber
Tunisian Baklouti
Feher Ozon
Szegedi 80
Poblano "Tiburon"

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Let us know how each Aji Amarillo behaves. Most probably they will be different. Mine is from and it's waay too big. It's over 1m tall and just started the first bifurcation. I can see it going to 2m, I'll be able to picnic under it. The problem is space is scarce on my balcony and support systems not that high.
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I just couldn't stand it,so I ordered Ajvarski seeds from Baker.I put 6 seeds to germ,and as soon as I saw 3 seedlings,I put them under a Floro.So,could I place them in the garden partially shaded to avoid the delay in growing under the floro and then hardening off and all?

I may not get fruit this year,but I might be able to over-winter like many of you are doing,and get a head start for next year.
I soiled my plants.
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My chinenses from 2017.
Attached Images
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If you like hot stuff I would highly recommend the Dorset Naga if you can get the seeds where you are. They are almost as hot as ghost peppers but grow much better in cooler conditions. I know someone who had 2500 chili from 1 plant grown in a hoop house in the UK using a 35 gallon pot and chicken manure pellets. They were professional growers mind you and the breeder.
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This Spring started some seed of usual red pepperoni they had in store and internet bought Carolina Reaper. My Reaper doesn't look like Reaper at all. Probably I did something wrong with labeling. However, I just fall in love with hot peppers, just love to eat every day one and watching my plants grow.

Right now, I am planing to grow some in pots inside house. Is there any hot peppers varieties that are easy obtainable and recommended to grow indoors?
“He who plants a garden plants happiness.” Chinese proverb
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