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Default Miracle Grow Liquafeed Formulations

Finally a break in the rain here in the midwest. Tomatoes are in with granular Tomato Tone clone fertilizer, but with all the rain it is most likely washed away. Wishing there was a liquid fertilizer with the convenience of Liquafeed and the quality of a product such as Dr Earth, TT, etc but nothing yet. Hooking up a siphon isn't an option right now either. There is another thread on the Workbench to make the Liquafeed bottles re-useable, and I'll save my bottles for someone if wanted.

I was surprised to see both the Tomato and Bloom formulations at Walmart (2 packs are $8.46) back after being discontinued for a year or two. The All Purpose is $11.48 for a 4 pack.

The ingredient list showed very minor differences between the three products. The Tomato formula had micronutrients, but no mention of the quantity. Calcium was not listed in any Liquafeed formulation. Though it may be in the soil, Calcium is added to granular fertilizers for vegetables.

If anyone still has an old bottle of the Tomato and Vegetable Liquafeed, I would be interested to see if the product has been changed during its absence. Would you purchase this over the All Purpose?

- Lisa
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