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Default Does anyone know Gary and Katharine Millwood?

Dear Friends, I am sorry if I neglected posting here about my difficult late summer/fall health issues. Somehow DoubleJ heard about my plight and started a post on the Conversations Thread. Since that first post I have updated when I had something new to share. I have thought of each of you since not being able to be in attendance at the summer tasting. I hope you had a good summer with lots of tomatoes and good enough to provide lingering memories to get you through the winter months. Until we meet again in the Spring, all good wishes for the Holiday Season and a New Year filled with good health, a productive garden and lots of tomatoes.

My last post, a week after my Cardioversion ---
As many of you know I had a Defibrillator Implant in 2006. Since that time I have to have it downloaded every three months at the doctor's office. It is amazing that it monitors every heart beat over that period of time. The last time I was there, they informed me that I would be receiving an electronic device which would connect to the telephone and send all the information to the computer for the next time period.

TODAY was the first time I used this process; I did it early morning and then went on an errand. While I was out the doctor's office called to inform me that since the Cardioversion a week ago, I had had a perfectly regular heart beat since! I thought this was Good NEWS to be shared and wanted you to know about it. I will see the doctor on my next visit.
Thank each of you for your kind words of concern and support.
"We believe we mere debtors to God in relation to each other and all men, to improve our Time and Talents in this Life, in that manner in which we might be most useful." Shaker Covenant 1795
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That is beautiful news. I wish you a very peaceful, healthy and happy Holidays!
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Hi Gary:
It's great to hear that all of the efforts from your medical team are finally yielding good results from the " ticker ".
I know you've endured a lot of trials and tribulations for the last year or more--but--now you've turned the corner, so we hope to see you at the Spring'09 Plantswap.
We've MISSED YOU !!!!
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