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Default Too late to spray melon plants?

Two of our melon varieties that we're growing -- Petit Gris de Rennes and Rugoso Di Cosenza (similar, perhaps the same as Amarillo Oro) -- seem to have the same disease. The melons themselves seem to be growing well, but obviously that doesn't mean much since they're still quite far from maturity. We have not sprayed these with anything at all this season. The picture below of anthracnose seems to be the closest thing to what we have, though I can take some pictures of the plants. I have seen "gummy stem blight" mentioned as well, but I do not see the symptoms on the stems but I'll have to look again to make sure. Our other muskmelons and watermelons are doing well and show no signs, but I don't want to jinx anything!

My question is, should I bother spraying these at this point or is that a waste of time and product? We have daconil and some others that we have onhand but I'm not sure how well it would work for this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I would post this under the disease thread, where more would see it. Not sure on why it is here in this thread? Anyways,

I don't know if you should spray or not, but it seems to have been going for some time now?
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