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Default want to plant blueberry/blackberry/raspberry plants

I have a sunny patch of about 100 sq ft that grows weeds and some flowers at the moment. I have been wanting to plant berry plants there for a while.

I think I will start this fall if fall is the right time for planting these bushes

Location is metrowest MA .. hardiness zone 6a
No plans to irrigate the patch regularly, Will water when there is prolonged lack of rains.
I do plan to prep the soil with peat/compost before planting. Also will fertilize as necessary. Will adjust ph as needed.

So what cultivars should i look for? Good places to buy the plant? Advise on how to care for those? What should I expect in terms of production over years?


ETA: I suppose I need to water frequently or find a way to get water to the patch ..

ETA2: - Have to make sure that they are protected from birds! How about squirrels and chipmunks? Those guys destroy my early tomato harvest

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Google up Lee Reich. He has a regular blog and guest on Awaytogarden, particularly helpful for how to plant and care for blueberries.
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