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I grew Table Dainty a few years back. It was a bit of a more compact vining squash compared to Tatume, but climbed the trellis well unlike Lemon. The squash was good, we picked them young and used has a zucchini substitute. I liked their striping too.
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My summer squash did fantastic this year, and Bianca de trieste is definitely a vining summer squash. The contrast with Magda was really obvious - it's strictly a bush. The Bianca vines made off in all directions with little squash popping off them every couple of inches. They are nice to eat but I'm not finding them good keepers this year. Incredibly prolific though.

I was hoping to save seed - even though there may be cross with Magda - but to my surprise I found the giant fruit had nothing like a mature seed in it. A lot of very solid flesh and some really tiny proto-seeds. We had a light frost last night and a bigger one coming this evening so my chance is over.

The original source for my Bianca seeds was Tradewinds Fruit. I believe they listed it as Half Long White aka B de T. Not expensive, great seed counts, excellent germination on these. It was 4 years ago, but the plants from the last seeds were still super vigorous.
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