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Originally Posted by My Foot Smells View Post
Puttin on the Fritz, nice j-o-b; also strongplant. Europia seems like an idealistic environment, with a few exceptions. That blue tomato sure is an odd job, what variation is that one. Looks kindof like cobalt blue...
The variety of the blue tomatoes is supposed to be Blue Beauty. I got my seeds from Cole Robbie with his last SASE offer. Being the first time I grow anthocyanin tomatoes, I really don't know what they should look like at this stage. I though they would start turn red sometimes soon, but now I'm beginning to have some doubts.
They sure look different from those depicted here
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
My plants would have made a thousand tomatoes if it weren't for blossom drop in high heat.
In containers mind you they are still growing and putting out blooms in almost 100 degree heat.

Worth, what kind of containers do you use?
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Originally Posted by JosephineRose View Post
Worth, what kind of containers do you use?
Regular nursery containers with soil piled up around the drain holes.
Container or not the heat is killing me.
Home of Cactus Flats Botanical Gardens.
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I've dosed a little bit of water soluble,high in potassium fertilizer 15 days ago and again yesterday,and plants are going insane,considering I've only sprayed once against mites:

Another one of my test hybrids,but instead of indigo rose parent I've used
san marzano:

Hope the moderators won't mind pictures a lil bigger than usual.
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This year it seems everything is far behind. After a quickstart, and a couple of gigantic fruits forming, the following blossoms have been very reluctant to become fruits. Only now, there is some 'coming alive', but it is getting late ...
Black Opal and Japanese Pink Cherry were some of the succesful ones and they have huge trusses with fruits ... Other large ones are lagging behind.
Smaller determinate bush varieties are ripening: Ditmarsher, Cherry Falls, and PPO are loaded.

But some plants haven't even bloomed yet... Esterina and Captain Lucky ...
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plant production

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