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How do you pickle zucs? Like cucumbers?

Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
And they can get really big as the season goes on, and can become very firm which makes it perfect for pickling and preserving in oil. .
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Originally Posted by Salsacharley View Post
How do you pickle zucs? Like cucumbers?

I use this recipe, except I substitute dried basil and oregano for the mint --

Addictive and excellent a served up with a slice of good Italian bread and a glass of wine, or as part of an antipasti plate. Traditionally, though, they're served as a side dish with a meal.

You need "baseball bat" zucchini (the ones you didn't around to picking for a few days...) to make them as they need to be dense and with a bit of snap. Tender, young zucchini will just get mushy.

I use a similar recipe for eggplant, and last year I tried it with mushrooms.
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The younger zucchini make a good refrigerator pickle. Works really well with a bread-and-butter brine. Great on sandwiches. I cut them lengthwise into long ribbons for this.

I make regular pickles from older squash, cut into medallions, boiling water process, etc.
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