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Old June 3, 2017   #46
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Another vote for Dr. Wyche's Yellow, but I feel I need to try more varieties to be sure . . .
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And a third vote for Dr. Wyche's Yellow- it is fantastic!
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The only yellow beefsteak that I have grown, worth mentioning has been AZOYCHKA.
I am going to grow in my fall garden. There will be also LIMMONY, for the first time.
KB did not do well up in PNW. I sowed seeds this year they did not germinate.

Happy Gardening !
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I need to try more yellows. I grew a Golden Girl last year and while I didn't care for it, my oldest son and his family said they were the best tomato they had ever had. I prefer a more acidic tomato and the GG had very little of that. I looked for more locally to grow a couple for my son and family but couldn't find any. I did find Golden Boy and am growing it for them to try.
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BTW Kellogg's is usually listed as "late" I find it to be more of a mid season.
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Originally Posted by Nematode View Post
BTW Kellogg's is usually listed as "late" I find it to be more of a mid season.

Good to know! I've had seeds for a few years, but have been hesitant to grow it because of its reported "lateness."
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I got Giallo de Summer as a freebie and just ate the first one. It was delicious-smooth, soft fresh but not grainy, nice acidity and complex sweetness of a good heirloom. Will try to photograph some in the future. If anything, it's not setting a heavy crop so far.
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Husky Gold, if still able to be found, was a dwarf F1 variety that was rather good.
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Originally Posted by Fusion_power View Post
Three genes are being discussed: Yellow, Tangerine, and Beta. Here are a few thoughts on them.

Manyel and Galina's Yellow Cherry - good yellow, very sweet flavor that is just a tiny bit tart.

Kelloggs Breakfast (or KBX) - best tangerine I have grown, superb flavor

Jaune Flamme and Sungold - good beta varieties, JF is very tart while Sungold is very sweet.

I suggest growing Hibor which is an orange pear shaped tomato that is exceptionally sweet. Galina's is a very good large cherry. Manyel is a medium slicer that is well worth growing.
Do you have a source for Hibor?
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After trying Queen Marbena last year for the first time, it will be in my garden every year, this year even with more than one plant only. It's so delicious, every bit of seasoning would only spoil it. I prefer to eat it when it's still yellow, others wait till it's orange.

Indet. RL, size of a ripe tomato is a bit bigger than a tennis ball.
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Just harvested my first Tumbling Tom Jnr Yellow tomatoes. OK in its natural state, but possibly the best fried tomato I've ever had
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Im looking for a good yellow tomato that would do well in the Cincinnati area. I tried Aunt Gerties Gold randomly when buying seeds last year. Fruit set was poor since I planted way late so I gave it another chance. This year it has set better but are terribly cat faced and split. Since my other 3 varieties are doing fine I assume these just aren't tolerant to the weather conditions in the area?

My brandywine hand me downs are doing fantastic I might try the yellow version. Any other good suggestions on hearty yellow vareties ???
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There's two yellow brandwines, the regular and the platfoot. For me, the regular made three tomatoes that were probably the best yellow I have ever tasted. The platfoot did not make a single tomato, in the same field where everything else did well. Other people on here have better luck with it than me.

I think Taxi is the best yielding yellow. Flavor is not bad, just mild and not anything like a yellow brandywine. If you are looking for very sweet varieties, Dwarf Sweet Sue, Lucky Cross, Wherokowhai (which is dwarf lucky cross), Orange Russian 117, and Northern Lights have all produced great flavor in my garden.
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VC Scott
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Another vote for Yellow Brandywine Platfoot Strain. Concentrated, sweet and a creamy texture unlike any other tomato I have tasted. Late but worth the wait.
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Originally Posted by Ed of Somis View Post
I have thought about Galina's. What kind of size do you get on those cherries? I am not a fan if they are really tiny.
They're a good size, in the 1" range.
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