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Default My plant wilted

I need some help. One of my tomato plants has wilted almost completely. It started with one branch and I figured maybe somehow in a storm or something the branch had snapped. Well I couldn't find any damage. Now more of the plant has wilted. It looks like it hasn't had water in forever, but the garden has been well watered and no other plant looks like this. I don't see any spots or yellowing or anything that would tell me it's a disease but I don't know too much about diseases honestly.

It's loaded with fruit so I hate to pull it but if it's a risk to my other plants I have no problem culling it.

Any ideas? I'll try to take some pictures and add them in a minute.

Thank you!
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aside from lack of water, the causes of sudden wilt in tomato plants are generally a big problem unfortunately.
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Could be over watered too.
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Water logging, soil borne disease,.... Under canopy of Black Walnut ? The latter has been the only time I have ever had my tomato plants wilt and die.

Happy Gardening !
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RIP wilted plant
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VC Scott
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