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Default Cant Make Up Mind.

Cant Make Up my mind to pull the trigger or not.
I have looked at the all American canner and could not decide on which one to get.
It finally came to the fact I want and need the 30 quart canner.
Why the 30 quart canner.
It will hold 14 quart jars the two sizes down only hold 7 quarts.
Most of everything I make as far as soups and such are more than 7 quarts worth.
I looked on amazon and they charge taxes and shipping if I am n0t prime.
Even if I am they still charge taxes.
I looked a the All American site.
No taxes or shipping charge so the price is about the same or less.

Now the next thing that is driving me nuts.
Fermenting crocks.
I want two more of them and cant make up my mind.
As you all know me they wont be sitting around doing nothing but looking pretty.
I think I might get the 5 liter ones, at least this is where I am headed.
Then I will have one big 15 liter and two 5 liter fermenting crocks.

Just tossing it out there for suggestions.
Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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