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All of my beans are in the fenced portion of my garden. I prefer to physically exclude bunnies rather than to try to kill them. It's a lot easier and I would not eat them anyway.
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Thanks all. As Keith remarked, most of the tips were uneaten.It seems they're growing again. Here's the progress.
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Last summer the deer munched down three 18' rows of field peas.

Many of the plants still had growing tips including some new shoots at lower leaf axils so I pruned them back to those new shoots and they came back nicely... *after* I put a netting tunnel over them.

Yours were munched harder at an earlier age but they should come back.
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Old June 22, 2019   #19
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My peas are fenced. Just a small 3ft x 20 ft bed. Not so easy in the field. My salad
beds are hooped with row cover. Not a bad idea to get things going. Row cover is pretty
cheap and lasts a few seasons. (I get flea beetles in the spring). It does keep the bunnies
out of the salads.

Elder huntress pup got 4 bunnies last weekend. Erie squeak a bunny makes when
caught....just like the toys.

Then I had a mysterious pea seedling disappearance in a couple trays I planted to get a
head start in all this rain we have had. Thought it was birds or chipmunks. Seems
same bunny killer has taken a liking to pea shoots. Caught her with a mouthful after
finding the tray pulled off the potting bench. Thats what I get for putting micro greens
in her dinner bowl,
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That's too funny, Oakley!
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