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Default Mums for fall...

I think I'm going to do 150 Mum pots for fall. I can get the plugs for 25 cents each and the terracotta pots are $65 for 300 (8x5) I figure I can fill 20 pots per 11 dollar bag of mix plus the fertilizer (Osmocote)

My question is does anyone else sell Mums and if so what do you charge? I'm thinking $5 but I know in stores they can be $7-$9. I will have around $200 in them by the time they are ready and if I sell 150 @ $5 I make $750. Not sure $550 profit is worth it? Thoughts?
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why terra cotta pots? that is really expensive and they are heavy. why not use plastic mum pots?
carolyn k
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