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Old November 27, 2017   #46
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Gardeneer or Fred, have you harvested anything yet?

I ended up planting after all, trying this method:

It's really late for it but based on what Carolyn and berryman said last year, and the link above, I thought I'd try it anyway.

I had already ordered my seed potatoes for November delivery, so roughly half of them went into this row, 32' long, deep compost and grass clipping trench, and we'll see what happens. My biggest concern is that they'll rot, so a lot will depend on the weather (as always!). I'll plant the rest in the spring and compare.
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You are probably fine doing this in zone 7 or 8 in the southern US. Where I live, even though it is on the edge of zone 6b/7a, it gets too cold for most potatoes to survive in the ground. I get exceptions to this that overwinter - mostly from those that I missed when digging.
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