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Default Self-Watering Soda Bottle Planters

Got to thinking about what to do with those 2 liter soda bottles. Didn't have a huge laser to cut nice edges, but I'll solve the cosmetic problems later. Anyhow, here's my version of a soda bottle SWC.

Materials include: One 2 liter plastic soda bottle, one soda straw (bendable), one 12 inch long section from the leg of a pair of pantyhose, one seed-bead funnel, some duct tape or a hot glue gun, and your favorite potting mix.

Pix1 shows the initial cut and holes to drill. Make this cut using the top of the label as a guide. Drill several holes in the shoulder area for aeration of the mix. Pix2 shows where to drill two holes all the way through the neck (about 90 degrees apart - one that breaks the edge.

Pix3 shows two holes drilled in the main bottle and a soda straw pushed thru the upper one. The top piece has been covered with the piece of throwaway pantyhose and pushed down into the main bottle. I wrapped the pantyhose over the outside and then back down into the inside. Now take a small amount of prepared potting mix and tightly pack the neck area. Then fill'er up.

Pix4 shows the small funnel (sold where hobby beads are found) used to help fill the water reservoir. Pix 5 shows one that was set up a few days ago. The tomato plant has doubled its size sitting on a window sill.

I've delayed painting these yet so that I could get photographs that let you see inside.

Thanks to Raybo for the idea of some kind of cloth-type barrier to keep the potting mix from getting into the water reservior area. Took me about 15 minutes from start to plant in place. The soda straw can be routed inside (Pix5), but his requires a hole thru the top piece and pantyhose so that the straw ends up in the water reservior. I found that routing the straw outside (Pix3 and Pix4) to be easier and, for me, preferable. Make sure the soda straw hole is located ABOVE the overflow hole (Pix3). Pix5 shows some duct tape on the sharp edge where the bottle was cut in half. This is to keep from cutting the plants.

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