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Default MAGTAG 2009 - Winners and Notes

Another year, another great MAGTAG.

We really lucked out, because it didn't rain during the entire time of the event. I think the bad weather forecast probably scared away a few of our regulars, but I counted 42 attendees.

We had 58 varieties (one more than Heinz!) this year, - not including the duplicates. For example, both my sister-in-law and I brought Sungolds, but hers won 12th place and mine didn't win anything! Grrrr.

As expected, Greg Flynn entered the largest tomato, with a 1-lb 10-oz Persimmon. At least the guy who gave him the plant TOLD him it was a Persimmon. I've never seen one that big!

Trudi and Steve traveled the farthest (Long Island), although Hank and Cheryll were a close second (Winchester, VA). Of course, this doesn't include the couple who vacation here and live the rest of the year in Saudi Arabia. (Names, please?)

This is the list of the Top 20 Winners. We have a Top 20 this year because the Flynn kids and their friends made so many beautiful medals for us. Once again, a cherry tomato was #1. (I'm typing this from my niece Maggie's notes, so please let me know if we've misspelled anything.)

1. Marx - G. Flynn
2. White Currant - G. Flynn
3. Absint - Trudi D.
4. Matt's Wild Cherry - Annebert
5. Chang Li - Trudi D.
6. Guernsey's Pink Blush - Trudi D.
7. Persimmon - Annebert
8. Black Cherry - Annebert
9. Little Lucky - G. Flynn
10. Sophie's Choice - G. Flynn
11. Emily - Melvin Phillip(s) for G. Flynn
12. Sungold - Suzy Strakna
13. SuperSweet 100 F2 - Jim & Susan
14. Hungarian Heart - Cecilia_MD7a (woo-hoo! I finally won something!)
15. Gold Medal - ? (Perhaps Manure_Queen?)
16. Aunt Gertie's Gold - John (pumpkinhead1961)
17. Maybe Peppermint - Mary (Manure_Queen)
18. Murhurlu - Trudi D.
19. Hopkins - Suzy Strakna
20. Brandywine - Suzy Strakna

Interesting list - a few are past winners - Black Cherry, Emily, Sungold, Brandywine - but folks grew many new varieties this year.

Rob Kasper from the Baltimore Sun stopped by again this year, so maybe MAGTAG will be mentioned in his column.

I personally want to thank Janet M. for pitching the Race for the Cure in my honor. If any of you are interested in joining, or donating, our webpage is:

Once again, thanks to everybody who attended. Hope you haad as much fun as I did! Now I just have to keep shampooing my hair to get the "Cherry Cola" dye out of it ...

P.S. Photos to come!
"It's alarming how charming it is to be a-farming..."
- Pete Townshend
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