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Seeds really are little miracles. Started my last few seeds of Lillian's Yellow Heirloom from '08. Since they were my last, gave them a 1 hour soak in a bit of tepid water with a drop of Sea Grow and a splash of hydrogen peroxide. They all came up in 4 days.

Sowed 9 seeds of Biely Naliv that I got from Grungy in '05 (and they may well have been a couple years old by then), 3 of them germinated; 1 at 4 days, 1 at 5 days and the last at 7 days. No pre-treatment at all. Also sowed 9 seeds of Brandy Boy, just to get rid of them and donate to plant sales. 8 of them popped up; 1 at 3 days, 5 at 4 days and 2 more at 5 days. Again, no pre-soaking.

... then of course there were the 2 commercial seeds from 2018 which never did come up...
"He who has a library and a garden wants for nothing." -Cicero
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Default old seeds

Thought I'd post last years results.

Prue (2004) 5 planted Apr 16. -1 germ Apr 25-1 germ Apr 26--2 germ Apr 27--1 no show

Jamaican (1999) 5 planted Apr 17--2 germ Apr 28--1 Apr 30--2 no show

Gus's Heart (2001)6 planted Apr 20--1 germ May 1--1 May 3--1 May 20--3 no show

Old Bess (2010) 1 planted Apr 17--1 germ Apr.24

May encourage someone to try germination of old seeds. These were not pre-treated in any way, although that would have helped I'm sure.

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I had decided to grow mainly "old" varieties this year, starting with seeds from 2008. Those failed to germinate - so far. But I did not toss them yet, as in the past, I had germination of a seed after 11 weeks, a seed I had totally neglected. But all other old seeds germinated very well and now I have way more seedling than I had expected. All seeds from 2008 - 2015 were pre-soaked in diluted fish emulsion for 48 hours, but regarding the almost 100% germination, I wonder if it was really necessary. I'll try other old varieties next year - without any pre-treatment.
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Ted, I appreciate the info and your attention to old seeds!

I actually came here, though, to tell you that I thought about you this weekend. I was fertilizing my plants using the old blue bucket I've used for years when I discovered it had sprung a leak. I guess I would call my back yard the Leaky Bucket Farm.
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I had one of those. But I used that miracle plastic rubber stuff that the guy named Phil keeps using to waterproof chicken wire to make a boat. It actually did work and sealed up the nickel-sized hole I had drilled. Not really a good "cosmetic" look, but the function is good. LOL !!!

Thanks, it's always nice to have folks think nicely about us. Hope your garden this year is the best ever.

Take care. Stay Safe.
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Thanks, you too!

It's strange, it's like two long slashes. I think my yard guy probably hit it with a weed whacker.

I'm going to see if I can just duct tape it back, I think. Though, it's not bad as a gentle foliar drench which is what I used it for this past weekend
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