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Default Pro-Mix All Purpose in self watering container?

How is this Pro-Mix for growing tomatoes in self watering (wicking) containers? I've seen ProMix HP/BX mentioned but not much on this "All purpose" product.

Would I need to add perlite/dolomitic lime/fetilizer in the same ratios as below with MG being replaced by Pro-Mix All Purpose?

I've been using the mix posted here with good results:
4 parts Miracle Grow potting mix(not Moisture control)
1 part Peat Moss
1 Part Perlite
2 cups Dolomite Lime
2 cups non slow release fertilizer(10-10-10 I buy at Lowe's works great for the tomatoes).
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Im thinking the ingredients look close to the same as bx or hp, probably with less perlite. I think as long as you're peat based you should be fine for wicking. You wouldn't need to use extra peat moss that's in your list of ingredients. I'm not sure about amounts of lime and fertilizer. I think that depends on the size of your container. In an earthbox you put 1lb of dolomite lime, and per Marsha's rec. I used 3 cups of tomatotone.
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I can’t comment on the SWC aspect, but that is what I use for my bucket grown tomatoes and peppers (and container flowers). I am very happy with the product and my results.
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Works fine for me. I get the same AP version of ProMix at Home Depot and Walmart. Works great in my Rain Gutter system, self watering buckets, totes, ect...

The quality isn't as good as HP or BX ProMix, hence the 50% reduction in price. For example, I commonly find twigs, sticks and a few rocks, but who cares. Also, as others have noted there isn't as much Perlite in it. I have a huge 4 cu ft. bag of perlite; I add a few cups to each SWC.
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