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Default Ag lime instead of dolomite?

Can I use agricultural lime instead of dolomite lime in my Earthboxes?
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From their website:

A note about agricultural lime: Generally, agricultural lime should not be used in the EarthBox® Gardening System because it does not contain enough magnesium.

The following brands are suitable for use in the EarthBox:

EarthBox® All Natural Dolomite
Espoma Garden Lime
Whitney Farms Dolomite Lime

I used the Espoma Garden Lime in mine, which is a granular dolomite.
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I've used both with equal results in my EB's. Also, bagged AG lime frequently has the Mg content shown on the analysis. Tractor Supply has 40# bags of pelletized Dolomitic Limestone for $3.49 (at least here and online). Given the inexpensive price, I'd buy the Dolomite if you have a source close by. Would I pay big bucks for it -- no!

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